WPC International Standard QI Certification
Qi Certification

SWT-210 supports technology standard of Wireless Power Consortium, and confident in efficiency of charge by acquiring Qi Certification

Perfect Compatibility
Perfectly Compatiable with GS6 & GS6 Edge.

Android phones before GS6 and Iphones need to install RX patch on the device for wireless charger. (Sold seperately)

Convenient Wireless Charging System
Now please clean it up at once with Croise.a! It will definitely free yourself from the connecting and disconnecting your phone to the table.
Any Angle Possible
You can enjoy using the wireless charger by placing your phone in any direction (360 degree) on the pad.
Simple and Compact design with LED
Simplicity of white color and compact size optimized for wireless charge. Emotional satisfaction will be given to user with LED lighting that displays charge status of the device
Anti-skid pad
Anti-skid subsurface pad build for the safety will give the device stable position.

Product Size

90(Ø) X 15(t) mm

Input Power

DC 5V, 2.0A

Output Power

DC 5V,1.0A

Operation Temperature

5° ~ 55°

Recharge Method

Magnetic Induction Method

Using Frequency


Acquisition of WPC Qi Certificate

LED Lighting is available

High Level Safety