The utmost comfort your wrist can feel

the perfect fit provided by an ergonomic design

A band that feels uncomfortable is a failure itself.
A weight of 17g - Enjoy its lightness.
Powerful water resistance with IPX8 rating

Enjoy Croise's URBAN-S anytime anywhere.

You can wash the band on your wrist with running water.
URBAN-S's ultra powerful water resistance function protects the product up to 1m underwater.
Smart running that lasts for one week

The hassle of charging minimized

It can be used for about a week with a single charging.
* The battery lasting time may differ depending on the usage.
Fitness supporter

Using your body

It measures various exercise activities with precision.
It saves exercise information such as exercise amount and route in graph.

It measures the heart rate that changes during exercise with high precision, allowing you to identify your body state from the warm-up level to the risky level.

The product showed an accuracy of 99% when the heart rate was measured at an exercise stress testing performed by the Korean National Fitness Center in July, 2016 (when compared to Quinton Q-Stress, a cardiac stress testing system).

Always with you - Heart Rate Reporter
Maximize exercise efficiency
Check your state based on your heart rate and exercise according to the Karvonen Formula.
Set the Heart Rate Danger notification function to prevent excessive exercise.
* The result might be inaccurate it the strap of the band is not fasten enough.
Track you 24 hours a day.
It collects various activity data, such as the number of steps, calorie burned up, moving distance and heart rate, and displays them using a chart. It measures and saves the heart rate at a predefined frequency, helping you to carry out a healthy and ideal life.
Sleep detection
Automatic sleep detection function - performs sleep tracking, checking your sleep time and movement, to help you to check your last night's sleep.
* If you don't set the Sleep Time when you run the app for the first time, it may not measure your sleep properly.
A companion for your mountain trekking
It measures the altitude at a predefined frequency based on the
local atmospheric pressure information and displays the data using a chart.
You can also share the data using a messenger or social media.
URBAN S makes your mountain trekking an exciting experience.
URBAN-S We, Partron co., ltd., used the parts made by ourselves to realize much better performance than competitors' low price products.

Partron supplies parts for major products that are manufactured by Samsung and other overseas IT companies.

With its Croise brand, Partron will work hard to produce products that adhere to the basics and place its customers first.

Product Name


Product Type

Smart Band

Model Name



Partron, co., ltd.



Water Resistance



LED Matrix


Heart beat, atmospheric pressure, and 6-axis acceleration

Communication Method

Bleutooth 4.0 Smart


Android 4.4 or above / IOS 8.0 or above

Main Body Size

49.10 x 15.30 x 10.9 [mm]


Black / Dark Gray / White / Dark Blue



Battery Capacity


Product Components

Main body, charging cradle, and manual

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