Real HD Sound
High-quality music beyond the limit

Adopted APT-X codec, providing CD-level high-quality sound.
Feature APT-X Technoology
“CD-Like Quality” Sound over Bluetooth
Experience the best sound quality supported by APT-X
Protects your hearing
Upsurge of adolescents hearing loss is hot topic. According to the research more than 38%
of hearing-loss patients are under 30s. The main reason of hearing loss is long time exposure
of earphones with high-frequency sounds. And other major factors are increase of songs with
bass and treble and exposure of environmental noise.

Croise.R implemented the physical characteristics close to Robinson-Dadson curve of pure
sound that is adopted to international specification. It would not damage your hearing, and
we have tuned the sound so as not to strain your ears when listening to music for a long time

- Real sound with hearing protection

* Robinson–Dadson curves
Refer to Robinson-Dadson
curve of ear as to pure sound which
adopted international regulation based
on the research result of 18~25 years old.
Adopted the latest CVC 2MIC
Clear Voice Environment
CVC (Clear voice control) adopted PBH-200
filters out noise and echo once more,
so it transfers clear voice to the other party
Throughout Croise.R PBH-200 App, user can set up
the headset device as you want
- Default volume control
- Silent mode
- Language set up
SMS voice reader
Voice notification of headset status - Voice Prompt
SMS Reader reads incoming text messages to you.
It is useful when driving or hard to reach
the smartphone.
(Supports Androids only)
Remote shoot is available
via Aillis Camera APP
Please choose remote shoots menu from Croise.R PBH-200 APP, and take pictures by holding + button. Only while music is not on.
*Search croise.R PBH-200, Aillis at Google Playstore.
Bluetooth Multi-Pairing
Connecting two devices at the same time is available.
Available using two devices simultaneously such as
mobile phone, laptop, etc.
Superelastic shape memory alloy neckband adopted
By adopting superelastic shape memory alloy
that is beyond the existing, it will be restored to
its original shape at any external pressure.
Croise.R has different aspect
with other typical IT devices in making the product.

By using Partron's main components,
we provide differentiated function from low priced Chinese products.
Also, we have made an efforts to improve product process and
quality of product by locating every manufacture facility
in Korea with our own domestic production technology.

Product that fulfills its basics,
Partron Croise team will put more efforts to
make better customer oriented product.

Bluetooth Version


Bluetooth profile


Wireless range


Audio Codec


Range of Frequency

2402~2408 MHz

Talk time


Music time


Standby Time

500 Hours

Charge Time

Under 2 Hours

Rechargeable Battery



158(W)x182(L)x13.7(D) mm


38.9 g