Vibration Notice for Loss Prevention
Loss Prevention Function by vibration notice is embeded. Headset gives you vibration warning if you stay out of 10m from the paired device to avoid missing it.
Bluetooth Multi-Pairing Support
Croise.R supports Multi-Pairing that 1 headset can be connected to 2 different devices using bluetooth. It is easy to connect to not only Smartphone but also Laptop, Smart Pad
APT-X Codec vivifying CD original sound
APT-X Codec delivers HD sound by solving bandwidth obstacle. 10mm size of Neodymium Magnet Driver provides soft and stable bass, tweedling middle register to redound to the charm of the vocal, powerful and agreeable high note
Powerful battery of Stand-by 400 hours
Max. stand-by time of Croise.R is 400 hours provides excellent battery performance lasting for 16 days Built-in Lithium-Polymer Battery with high-efficiency power management will be recharged only in 2 hours. Playing music and voice call are available for up to 12 hours
Comfortable Neck Band
3 dimensional Croise.R design softly gripping the neck provides incomparable portability and comfortability. Super Elastic Memory Alloy Neck Band is restorable in any external pressure, maintains the original shape for a long time.

The Super Elastic
Memory Alloy Neck Band

Text message (SNS, SMS) to Speech
Croise.R let you know immediately the status of the headset by voice when connecting and operating the device. In addition, Voice Prompt of Croise.R reads SNS and text message. It is useful when driving or hard to reach the smartphone.

(Only supports Android-based smartphone)

Only bluetooth Stereo Headset
in Korea
applying Flat Cord
Flat Cord provides Anti-sibilant, Anti-Tangle and classiness at the same time. Croise.R is only Bluetooth Stereo Headset applying Flat Cord in Korea
In addition, You can enjoy comfortability and excellent antinoise effect with three sizes of silicone ear caps.
It protects your ears
Hearing loss patient is dramatically incresing in Korea Youth (Teenage). 38% of the total hearing loss patients is younger than thirties. Long-term use of the earphones and listening of stimulating high note sound, sound source increase of bass and high note energy and direct expose to environmental noise are the main reasons. Croise.R implements the physical properties close to the sensitivity curve for pure tone adopted by international rules. It protects the hearing and is tuned not to be heavy on the ear during long listening to music.

* Robinson–Dadson curves Please refer to ear's sensitivity curve of pure sound adopted as international regulation by Robinson & Dadson (Experiment for young generation, persons of 18-25)

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SBC, Apt-X

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