Croisé [kRwaze]
[Adjective] Cross shaped, Crossed
B2C business with Partron's own B2B parts B2C business targeting to both ODM and OEM
The best quality + Reasonable price
A Brand guarantees high satisfaction of customers
Croise, Global ICT Brand of
Creation & Convergence
Global ICT brand seeking new products basedon the creation and the fusion that have not been existed in the market
Advanced Technology &
Innovative Idea
A powerful brand with advanced technology
innovative ideas
  • Plus Alpha, Impression more than that. Croise
  • Croise
  • x
.R [Real Sound]
The best sound.Croise.R
Bluetooth Sound Device
.E [Enhanced life]
The best satisfaction.Croise.E
Wearable / Healthcare Device
.s [Smooth Writing]
The best smart partner.Croise.S
Active Stylus Pen
.a [Accessory]
Optimized smartphone accessories. Croise.a
Smart Accessory